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An adventuresome spirit and a pioneering enthusiasm were two of the inspirational forces that brought Emissary into existence in 1980. Our name Emissary was chosen because it describes in a word, our company philosophy: to be an emissary or ambassador for our international clients to the bountiful world of home accent resources from Asia. We continue to bring an impressive variety of high quality decorative accessories to today’s market.

Our aim is to present a unique product line in the upper middle price point that can range from an elegant porcelain triple gourd vase to a rustic primitive water garden container. Emissary will always strive to distinguish itself from its competitors by offering an ever-evolving variety of handcrafted products in vibrant colors and glazes that stretch the imagination.

Emissary embodies this same passion with design by taking a refreshing direction and often adding a new modern twist on an iconic classic standard.